Hello Everyone!  This month I just wanted to share with you all about some of our local gardens.  All of our gardeners are doing very well.

Glenda Newport:

She has pots along with some raised beds.  Her garden is doing well this year and she is excited about canning and preserving food this year too!






Cathy Musselman:

Cauliflower, tomato, oregano, broccoli, lettuce, zucchini and beets.

This was two weeks ago. Everything has grown so much more!




Nan Yaden:

This is a picture of my first onion! My corn and beans are just now coming up.  This is my cucumbers, squash and tomatoes.  In part of my garden I am doing the no-till method with cardboard and straw. My first time ever! My purple cabbage is doing well too.




Bill and Lisa Musgrove

Here are some pictures of their beans and potatoes.  Potatoes are Yukon Gold and Red and White.  The beans are pink ½ runner beans.

In the raised beds they have onions, mustard greens and 2 different types of cherry tomatoes.

They have Roma and Beefsteak Tomatoes in three short rows.




Jerry and Judy Perkins:

This is the garden that the young volunteers went to plant.  The next week the frost came and we thought that it had pretty much wiped out the garden.  We purchased a few more plants to replace some.  We went back to till and help weed and what a surprise and blessing we found!  Almost all of the plants survived!  They are actually looking real good right now.  They girls worked real hard getting the garden tilled and weeded, along with planting a few more plants and potatoes.  This family will feed about 10 family members from this garden.  They also plan to freeze, can and preserve food for the winter.  If they have plenty, and I expect they will, they will also donate to the food pantry!





Just as a reminder to everyone,  We will Livestream the next meeting scheduled for June 25, 2020 @ 6:00.  Also, remember those Harvest Sheets!  Thank you!  Looking forward to meeting again.