Summer has arrived–at least summer temps have!

As we enter June, many of our crops have sprouted and we are starting to have harvest totals coming our way. Radishes, lettuce, spinach, oh my! Gardens across the area are now boasting thick luscious greens and colors galore. In early May we had our latest frost to date, with temperatures dropping into the 20s. Luckily, summer caught up and we are now experiencing blissfully warm days.

In the spirit of sharing experiences, below is an excerpt by a returning gardener, Jenna. Jenna shares what gardening brings to her and her family.

Jenna’s Story:

“I’m not sure what to say about anything amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, but I do know I’ve been very glad to have my garden as a welcome distraction. My soil has been covered in weeds and tiny sprouts of cover crop from last season. I spent a lot of time this week just pulling weeds, investigating the insects with my daughter, configuring appealing garden borders, shoveling and laying leaf mulch, and dreaming of what this land will bring us soon.

Tending the soil by hand is like physical meditation and my thoughts are able to clear. In the garden, I forget about social distancing for a minute. I don’t feel worried about our economy or if this is our new normal. Instead, I think about where my cardinal climber vines will bloom best for the hummingbirds, and how many herbs I can fit in my new apothecary bed. I make a mental note to start saving my eggshells and coffee grounds again. My mind wanders to iridescent purple tomatoes on my counter top and the way rainbow chard stems look resting on my wooden cutting board. My daughter asks if she can have that “one” okra flower for her hair. Then giggles as she shells the lima beans and watches them turn from pink to green in our butter broth.

In high school, I remember reading about “victory gardens” when were studying WWII. It seemed like such an insignificant way to spend time, but I get it now.”

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.”–Audrey Hepburn

Pictures from Jenna’s Garden!