Bea Sias
GA Logan, WV
Step by Step

For the last six months, the whole world has been turned upside down. It has been something that no one could ever expect to take place, but unfortunately, it has in our lifetime. Maybe in a few months, we will see the end of this terrible ordeal, and most of us are able to get into a routine of the new normal. However, even in turmoil, I am happy to announce Day Reporting has a new greenhouse that has been built, which we will provide seeds to these gardeners.

Day Report New Green House

Another wall being anchored down.

But as far as gardening, we are all trying to get started for the year. Some gardeners were able to plant potatoes, onions, and a few other items. However, it seems the weather does not know if it wants to snow, rain, or sunshine along with very cold temperatures making it hard to plan out this year’s gardens.
Additionally, Grow Appalachia Logan has managed to get supplies to everyone that is going to garden with us. All of us are very anxious to get that garden growing and feel the soil in our hands. There have even been a few gardeners that have already been getting green onions from their garden.

I am still planning to have a couple of canning classes, maybe have one on strawberry preserves as soon as we are able to start workshops. Then maybe around July have a class on making salsa or we can do one on freezing tomatoes. It seems most of my gardeners use a lot of tomatoes in their homemade dishes.

Another reason why I am excited to have these classes because of the men and women who take part in them. The men have been helping their wives at home and have started to take an interest in attending the classes with us. But our gardeners are people who love to work together and grow their fresh vegetables to enjoy.

I hope everyone has a good bountiful garden, and have a good summer enjoying the fruits of their labor.