I went back and checked, and I used this exact title last May, and something similar a few years before.  This is crazy!  It’s time for gardening, not time for snow!

Since we’re so far behind because of the weather and all of this COVID-19 garbage, I’m going to share a recipe with you.  You will recall that we started our year off with a bang by selling hundreds of dollars worth of microgreens.  Grow This: WV Garden Challenge, part of WVU Extension’s Family Nutrition Program, posted this delicious omelette recipe featuring (you guessed it!) microgreens.

Just in case you’re wondering what type of microgreens you should use, here’s a comprehensive resource for all things microgreen.

The folks who have lived in the Snowshoe area for a long time tell tales of snow in every month of the year.  Hopefully this last snow yesterday will be the end of it and we can finally start GROWING.