What a challenging time these past few months have been.  I would like to share some inspiring news about a family and the help they received from Grow Appalachia.  This is a story about an elderly couple, both in their 70’s.  They have been participants to the program for three years.  They have also been great volunteers for the program.  They have assisted in sorting seeds, helping at meetings, gathering harvest sheets and much more.  Recently, the wife was hospitalized with flu and pneumonia.  This meant that they would not get to plant a garden this year.  This was very disheartening for them.  So, some of the young volunteers got together and went to plant the garden for them!  They planted cabbage, peppers, tomatoes, lettuce, squash, zucchini and cucumbers.  The rain came.  They went back to till and plant some more.  Now this family will have their garden and fresh vegetable this summer!



Also, we wanted to give the McCreary Central High School a great big Thank You for the plants they grew for participants.  As well as the great job they did with distribution!