We are always presented with challenges. What we do with those challenges shows our true character.

During this current season of challenges we find ourselves having to get the work done in a whole different way. Adapting to a new normal when the normal is apt to change at a moments notice.

We could just sit down and throw our hands up and say I am done. “NO”.  We get busy and find a way to get it done. Our gardeners and staff been great working with us through the day to day changes but as we try to do a mountain of work on our own now, we have to get creative.

Tim, project coordinator for our Grow Appalachia-Berea program, has invented a way to put 100 feet of rope or 300 feet of twine on a stick. Each one of our 35 gardeners get one spool of each, along with 10 t-posts, to make trellises for beans, peas, etc.

Spools of rope and twine.

Spools of rope and twine.

If my math is correct that is 14,000 feet total. Please watch this YouTube video to see just how it is done.

Here are some young gardeners showing you how the trellis goes together.

Placing the upper rope and the lower twine.

Tying the climbing twine between the rope and the bottom twine.