Getting Ready to Plant our Gardens

It has been a little busy the past couple of months.  We attended a Group Conference in Berea, Ky., the end of January.  These meetings are very informative and interesting.  I can always learn a few pointers from the people who attend.

We have also been doing new applications for gardeners, sorting all seeds that will make some good things to eat.  Hopefully, we will all have a lot of vegetables to take care of.

We have several new Gardeners that we have signed up to join us. Some have never had a garden, some know a little about Gardening, but want to learn how it is done.  They are the people when the season is over you can see the results of their hard work.

Our gardeners who have planted a garden for years, are wondering what kind of season this will be for gardening.  Temperatures have been nice and warm. The Day Report in Logan, WV., have started cleaning their gardens and beds.  We visited their site a few days ago and they have Chickens, in fact, about seventy chickens that supplies eggs to their organization they supply for food in the summer months.

The Day Report came to sign up for our program, and they brought fresh eggs for all that was there enrolling.  They are also in the process of building a Green House. They certainly do a wonderful deed for this Food Pantry, helping several families with fresh vegetables, and I know the people appreciate their help.

I am enclosing pictures of the Logan Fresh Start Day Report site and the work they are doing to improve their gardens in order to help the Food Pantry, called, “The Little Lambs.”