Peace from Cincinnati, Ohio!
Autumn is in full swing in the inner city community garden, Over-the-Rhine People’s Garden. What makes it feel so much like fall, at least for me, is the Three-Sisters garden newly planted this year. Gardeners Jill and Kendra planted a true three-sisters garden filled with just the right ingredients—corn, squash and beans. Legends say corn, beans and squash are inseparable sisters—meaning they can only grow and thrive together. This is where the name “Three Sisters” originated. The corn they chose to plant is known as an Heirloom Glass Gem and it is stunning! The ears that weren’t gobbled up by the squirrels were shared among the gardeners and the youth who attend the free weekly garden club meetings on Mondays. What remained will be used in my floral workshops, ground into flour or popped for popcorn. My husband and I enjoyed this tasty treat while camping last week. There’s nothing like fresh popped corn grown in your own neighborhood garden!
Mr. Frost has yet to appear, though we are ready for his entrance at any time. One of the perks of gardening in the city is it stays a bit warmer than areas further out. My other flower garden is located just 6 miles away from the city garden and has already succumbed to the frost. Pretty wild that you can be in such close proximity and have one garden finished for the year and the other one still thriving. I say this all the time, and I’ll continue to say it, nature is truly amazing! 
Many of our gardeners have pulled out the tomatoes, amended the soil with compost and re-planted their beds with cooler vegetable crops. In our garden we have a 3-season menu. Spring provides cooler crops like spinach, collards and beets. Summer is filled with eggplant, peppers and tomatoes. In the fall we introduce cooler weather vegetables again. Recently a few beds of broccoli, beets and radishes have been tucked in by gardener, Jill.  We are also still harvesting so much—carrots, radish, herbs, flowers, and even some tomatoes. Life is good!
Finally, I have always found autumn to be a wonderful time to reflect on the season. I’m happy to share that most of the season’s memories are filled with happiness and positivity. It has been one of the best seasons to date for the community garden. I am very proud of how this year has gone and looking forward to an even better next year. However, just outside the garden it has been one of the most violent times.This season more than one murder has taken place just footsteps from the garden’s back entrance. It has been difficult and sad for all of us. We will continue to pray for those who lost their lives too early and we will send healing energy to the family and friends who lost someone they loved. So, despite the challenges, we will continue to plant the garden with love. It is our hope that it will be recognized as a symbol of peace for the community and serve as a reminder that we need to nurture each other.

Thank you for checking in with Over-the-Rhine People’s Garden. We will be back again next month to talk all about our season extension plans for this winter. Stay tuned!

P.S. Below is a link to a mini garden tour we filmed earlier this fall. I hope you enjoy it!

Over-the-Rhine People’s Garden mini tour- check it out!

Peace, Love, Happiness & Flowers

Partner Site Coordinator, Christina