Logan County Grow Appalachia
Bea Sias

Most Gardens are depleted of veggies and the farmers have cleaned their gardens of debris. Gardeners are already preparing for next season. A few gardeners still have a few things that we consider fall or winter late planting. This does not include Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, and different kinds of greens.

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, our part of the country is supposed to have a very harsh winter, with several snowfalls and very cold temperatures. All we can do is be prepared and if it happens, we are fine and if it doesn’t we are still okay.

Preparing Chicken for the Cold weather

Our gardeners survived the summer of hot weather and rainy days. But it was not a bad year to grow some good food to preserve and can for the winter months.

Several gardeners have prepared a lot of food for their families and they enjoy doing this. In our canning classes that we had, they learned a lot and picked up a few instructions and took it from there.

Growing Season coming to an end

I believe that the gardeners enjoy the gardening season, especially when they gather all those fresh vegetables. I did not hear anyone complain about the 95-degree days.
Hopefully, next year will be a good year.