This month most people are seeing the end of their summer garden here. Cucumbers are slowly fading away, the heat from mid July and early August deterred most people from doing a lot in the community garden.  There were a few dedicated growers that kept it going and have already started cleaning out their beds and preparing for fall garden schemes, but one in particular is still seeing bounties of beautiful heirloom tomatoes. Although William is one of our backyard growers, he has really got a knack for producing these tomatoes. We have been able to purchase these from him each week for the last 4 weeks and fill our CSA boxes.

During the transition from a summer garden to a fall garden we have seen the success of fall beans rising and some late corn! But in the same token have seen death to a whole fence full of beans- the city/county was out spraying for weeds and decided to spray the whole fencline of the community garden killing a whole fence of beans that were climbing up to the top. It was very disheartening because the garden is not a new concept it has been there and I would have thought for sure they had enough sense to not spray a food bed but for whatever reason it happened. We are currently trying to track down the city and find out what happened so we can remind them they don’t need to spray. We have had several new additions to our garden this spring with 4 grape vines climbing the arbors they were built for years ago, and birdhouse gourds on the other arbors. The addition of several tools from a Fiskars grant we received added us $1,000.00 worth of tools that we can share with our gardeners was also a big highlight for August for me! I tracked these tools for 3 months until they finally appeared.

Lastly, the workshop session we have coming up in September would be amazing for all our gardening friends! If you would like to attend of Sept 24th, are having an all day workshop event- we will be doing season extension in the morning, pollinator gardens, composting, and post harvest handling! WVSU is coming down to lead and it will be a day of fun if you want to stop by. I look forward to fall and the different plants that come with it!