-Bea Sias, Step by Step
Logan County, West Virginia

It’s not really “The Lazy, Hazy Days of Summer’, but more like “The Hot, Busy Days of Summer”. It is July, and it’s hard to believe how fast this year is going. But we are a busy group of people in our little town.

Gardens are planted, growing and bearing some really good vegetables. The gardens are doing exceptionally well this year. It has rained and we have had some strong storms that damaged some corn, but everyone believes it will be good.

The last two weeks have been so miserable- the heat index has been 95, and it’s predicted to be hotter the next few days.

I have been checking with gardeners the last couple of months and the season looks promising for a huge harvest. Potatoes are doing great, peas, green beans, and now corn are starting to come in. The other main vegetables are staples to the gardener. It is time to can and put the vegetables in a jar.

I talked to a lady a couple of days ago, and she had cucumbers in water and salt brine to make pickles. Her pickles are delicious. Cucumbers are very plentiful this year. A lot of pickles will be made.

We have two canning workshops scheduled for the 22nd and 23rd. We have quite a few younger people in our program this year, who have never canned or preserved anything, but they do want to learn.

Our goal in this program is healthy cooking and healthy eating, mainly for our children. Children are very interested in gardening. We have several groups who have planted a garden and have watched them grow and are reaping the results of their garden.