July has been a super busy month for our Owsley County FFA Chapter. From working on the school farm to helping the community with local garden plots, from serving others to preparing for next school year, our students, members, and officers have been diligently working to make a difference in our little home. To continue and gain a head start on the projects we intend on completing in the 2019-2020 school year, our chapter decided we should 1.) spend time with our community and 2.) raise a little bit of money for said projects. After multiple meetings, we decided to kill two birds with one stone as we would have a fundraiser at our famous countywide 4th of July festival called the Daniel Boone Days. Here we were able to spread our ideas for our involvement in the Owsley County Elementary School, other community service projects, our upcoming competitions and events, and our ideas for a small animal farm on our school grounds. We were also able to raise some funds by selling sliced watermelon and fresh homemade lemonade.

President Abby Oliver and Parliamentarian Ryan Ratliff posing for the camera at Daniel Boone Days booth.

We are also very excited what the future holds in our #GrowAppalachia involvement. Saturday, July 20th, we plan to hold another fundraiser so that we can continue strongly into our future.

Car wash, here we come! Oh, and 2019-2020 school year better keep us in mind! We’re ready to serve, learn, and strengthen our chapter alongside our community!