-Bea Sias
– Step by Step, Logan

Now that we are in full swing of getting our gardens planted, it seems the children are also getting ready to plant those seeds. They like the idea of getting downright dirty and playing with each other while the garden is being planted. In the after-school program at the Buffalo Creek Librarian, Liz Tackett, now retired, but, still helping the children in their garden. They have been planting their garden there for three years. I stopped by the Library a couple of weeks ago and they were cleaning and digging in that dirt and having a blast. Two of the older children are pretty good at this gardening project.

Last summer, they had several things growing, such as carrots, onions and several other vegetables, when a passer-by came in and destroyed all the vegetables. They didn’t eat the vegetables, they just pulled them up and destroyed, and just threw everything on the ground. But, they will come back this year and work even harder and maybe, grow a lot more vegetables to share with other people. Man Middle and Verdunville Grade Schools have a very nice place to grow vegetables also. The teacher at Verdunville Grade School, along with her husband and a few parents, have made a really super place. She really took the time to create a beautiful garden, and it is fenced in and the gate is locked. This is where our HEALTHY COOKING AND HEALTHY EATING comes in to show children that we are trying to get them on a healthy road as young teens. I will continue to check these gardens throughout the summer and I will get more pictures of their gardens.