Happy Spring!

April has been a good month for Over-the-Rhine People’s Garden. We are well into spring and the garden is filling up with shades of green from the plants started under lights in our homes back in February. Our garden provides a menu of flowers, herbs, and food that changes with the season.  The cooler weather plants like kale, cabbage, dill, asparagus and so many delicious varieties of lettuce are thriving. The classic flowers like tulips, hyacinth and daffodils have brought lots of color and joy to the gardeners, neighbors and businesses. It is wonderful to see the peach trees flower and the bees buzzing around the garden too.


Garden Club is also in full swing! Each Wednesday children attending a neighboring after school program come over to the garden to learn and enjoy. This month the garden hosted Lisa Andrews, a well known Cincinnati Nutritionist and CEO of Sound Bite Nutrition. During her class she did a cooking demonstration using the kale harvested from the garden.  The students really enjoyed the fresh kale sautéed with fresh garlic and chives. She will be back in May hosting another great cooking class inspired by something we have growing in the garden that is ready to be eaten.









Many hands make light work. The garden was gifted by a group of volunteers from the Cincinnati based company Nielsen. Instead of working in the office last Friday they spent the afternoon making improvements to our garden. During their visit they were able to help us move a lot of compost, plant vegetables, pull up those pesky weeds, collect litter, and create new plant labels. Thanks again for volunteering and helping us maintain a beautiful garden in Over-the-Rhine.


Last year gardener Chris spent some of his time learning how to grow hops so he could brew beer with it. Well guess what? He made a batch of beer ! We were lucky enough to be gifted a few bottles and they sure taste good.


Thanks for stopping by to see what’s happening in our garden in the city. We’ll be back in May with more updates!


Peace, Love, Happiness & Flowers


Volunteer Garden Coordinator for Over-the-Rhine People’s Garden