Garden season has officially begun!

We’ve held our first two meetings at the Floyd County Extension Office signing up 29 participants, as well as arranging classes for 4 Community Gardens and 4 container Community Gardens in the Floyd County area. Three of the Community Gardens are solid, thriving gardens and 1 is just getting started. The 4 container Community Gardens are in housing developments that don’t have adequate land available to hold a community garden, so we’re hoping to help the residents grow some of their vegetables right on their patios.

We’ve gotten pots and soil from the City of Prestonsburg greenhouse in exchange for helping them get the newest community garden in the ground and I couldn’t be more excited!! They have a team of hard working folks that are jumping in with both feet to create the infrastructure needed for a community garden and then bringing in some of the folks from Prestonsburg Nursing Care Facility that already have a community garden next door, but needed more space.

We’re also going in and helping the Prestonsburg Nursing Care Facility to get their garden started in the spring.  They have a small space, but they make the most of it by planting vining plants on a chain link fence that separates them from a large city lot, they plant a few rows of corn along that fence also. They have a couple of high raised beds for the wheelchair bound participants, but the wheelchair heroes are also able to hoe the unground plants. They have a passion for gardening that surpasses any supposed handicaps!  Inspirational!

Tracey in the midst of a sea of seeds!!

I’ve finally got an assistant!! Tracey Slone has helped out in the garden for the past several years and now she’s my assistant for the next couple of months. She’s a hard worker with great ideas for design and decoration. I’ve had to reign her in a bit to get the nitty gritty dirty work done, but she’s slipped in some adorable ideas for the St. Vincent Community Garden and I’m excited to see what she’s going to spring on me next.

She built a spiral herb garden with a Mother/Daughter team of volunteers this past week and started a Pot Head Family to be finished in the weeks to come. She’s full of fun ideas, I’m telling ya!!





We’ve had a couple of forms made for Scarecrow Ladies and hope to have them in the community garden soon!  We’ll put them up as Crosses for Easter first and then later use them as our Scarecrow ladies.  I love the fun whimsical touch that Tracey brings out in our gardening plans. She’s the ying to my yang, the whimsical to my straight laced gardening plans. We are loving the journey she is taking us on.

I’m looking forward to this gardening season. Are you?!  Let’s do this!