-Bea Sias
-Logan County West Virginia
-Step by Step

After receiving telephone calls for enrollment in Dec of 2018 Grow Appalachia in Lincoln and Logan counties have started to get their 2019 gardening season underway. It may be too early and the ground may be too wet but with a few gardeners that are on board and ready to go we are hoping for a couple of sunny days. There are also a few things that can be planted in February and March including peas and early cabbage

With a few new groups this year including Southwestern Day Report in Logan who are providing three large garden spaces for them to work in while they are getting their lives back in order proving that gardening is a stress reliever. The gardens are located in Logan, Boone, and Mingo County. They also donate the food they grow to “Bless The Lambs” a local church who provides food for families and others in need.

I also have a new school this year that has a vacant garden with raised bed and garden equipment that was bought through a grant written by a teacher. Since no one had any interest in the garden we approached the day report group to donate some time and work to the school. There’s also a gardener who grows peanuts and popcorn. We have never tried to grow those things so we are excited to have him and try some new things this season. Our canning classes also had a very good turn out last summer. We have several canning classes this summer and hopefully, we can try new things. We are looking forward to this season anxious to see what can happen and hopefully, we have people who will learn to garden.