Hello friends!


Most of February in Cincinnati’s  Over-the-Rhine People’s Garden has been bitterly cold. But on a few rare occasions, Mother Nature provided balmy days that gardeners took full advantage of.  Season extension over a few of the raised garden beds have been great against the cold.

Garden Club with the Wesley Chapel youth group began this week!  To kick off the season we discussed cooler weather crops and planted kale, peas, carrots and lettuce.


The Flower Market Garden section of Over-the-Rhine People’s Garden  is also waking up. Hundred of bulbs are starting to peek out of the ground. Many colorful fragrant daffodils, tulips, hyacinth, anemones, cornflowers, and poppies will be available for market in April.









It’s seed starting time! Garden Coordinator/Flower Farmer-Florist, Christina, has started growing over 200 flowers and herbs in her home under grow lights,  and will have them transplanted in the garden by March. Sweet peas and anemones are a new additions to the spring flower menu. Gardeners are excited to see how they will do this year, stay tuned!



Cool season veggie seed starting is underway! OTR People’s Garden gardener and expert vegetable grower, Jill, has started seeds too.  What a lovely setup.

This winter a new community partnership was formed with Rothenberg Rooftop Garden. Rothenberg is a Cincinnati Public School located just a few blocks from OTR People’s Garden and has a great garden program built into their curriculum. The program coordinator, Bryna, gave Christina a wonderful tour of the rooftop garden and their science labs too. Students are able to learn about traditional gardening on the roof and hydroponics in the classroom. Bravo!



Looking forward to March, even though they are calling for single digits and 3-5 inches of snow on Sunday!


Peace, Love, Flowers & Happiness

Garden Coordinator

Christina 🙂