Bea Sias,

Step by Step, Logan County

It is now the first week in October 2018  and I am continuing to get a Produce Report from most of my gardeners. This season has been very good, most gardeners will tell you, and some will say it was a fair gardening season. I know that Green Beans, Corn, Tomatoes, Cucumbers really produced well,   I know because I was told how much the gardeners canned or froze, pickled or whatever to preserve the food.  I tell each one that they will have good holiday dinners for family and friends when they all come to eat.    And that is what I tell them and get them more anxious to can.

I have encountered some vegetables that have grown well this year. Okra was one of such vegetables.  Okra was given, shared or whatever to anyone that would take it. We still have a long way to go before the season is over.  Sweet Potatoes and regular Potatoes have not been harvested by every gardener.   Some wait until the middle or last of October to harvest them. As some may not know, they wait for the vines to fall over, that means the potatoes are finished growing.

Our Workshops were much different this year; we had three (3) Canning workshops, something I have never tried.  The gardeners sure did enjoy them and we always had several to attend each canning Workshops. And we had a good time. I have people who really want to have a garden in order to help with their food bills during the winter months.   They can and freeze everything they know how to can. They shared their vegetables with family and friends. I will say that Buck West and I helped each gardener with their problems or whatever we could do to help them.