I would like to Thank all Grow Appalachia participants for such a wonderful year!  We had our last get together this month, “Pot Luck and Closing Stories”.  Some of the things that we talked about:  One participant shared the craziest thing she tried this year:  A family member had given her some old tapestry fabric. The pattern had  Chinese’s symbols and designs with red and gold color.  She said she rolled that tapestry out in the rows of her garden.  She said it helped with the weeds and the mud.  But it sure was some funky designs and bright colors.  Others shared about all of the critters that had gotten into the gardens, bears, raccoons, squirrels, rabbits, deer, and groundhogs!  We shared a lot of laughter and a lot of good food. Butternut squash soup, Cheesy potatoes, Pumpkin Surprise, Kraut and weenies, Cornbread salad, Tail end of the Garden, Rolls, and Desserts. This has been a wonderful season.

I also wanted to share some pictures from one of the participants garden.  This is some of the cover crop that was given at the last meeting.






These Participants won the door prizes this time.  The door prizes were made by volunteers out of kitchen towels and pot holders.