August has been a very busy month for us here at the Scott Christian Care Center.  This month we went to Carl and Sherry Shafer’s Farm.  Carl shared with us about extending the garden season.

Interesting fact that he shared with us:  Green beans are nitrogen fixers the roots of the bean have rhizobium – soil bacteria that fix nitrogen after becoming established inside root nodules of legumes.

How to plant tomatoes

French marigolds keep bugs out of garden

How to get your onions to grow bigger

How many leaves on a plant before you transplant

How and when to fertilize

Is sulfur water okay to water your garden

These and many more questions were answered.  Carl also talked about High Tunnels, Compost and cover crops.  He was able to share all of this with us as we toured his operation and High Tunnel.  We would like to thank Carl and Sherry Shafer for allowing us to come to their home.  We left with a lot of knowledge and inspiration!


OE and Dorma Hamock, participants of Grow Appalachia, brought  tomatoes from their garden  to share with the gardeners.

Harvest shared from the Justice Center


SCCC will be opening a Dental Clinic to the community who cannot afford dental care.  We are so excited as they hang the new sign!