This month’s class topic was Heart Healthy Cooking.  Program assistant/Teressa Honeycut with the UT Extension Office was happy to teach this class.  She always has a lot of information to share with us that really gets our minds to thinking.  Washing produce: How many time do you touch that banana in the store before you decide which ones you are going to purchase?  That banana has been touched by many different people.  Also washing watermelon,  how many people have handled them and then you take your knife and press it down into the watermelon and all the contamination pushes down with it.  These were just a few things that she talked about.

Scott Christian Care Center was blessed to have a mission team from Griffin, GA come and help us in the gardens.  They were able to help weed, till, plant and collect harvest from the community garden at the center.  They also went to one of the participants gardens.  This couple has been struggling with some health issues and the garden was falling behind.  The team went and weeded and tilled their garden.


The class topic for this month was Heart Healthy Cooking.  Some of the ladies from the mission team were able to harvest some veggies and cook some healthy recipes for the Grow Appalachia participants to sample.  Recipes were given and some good food!   Zucchini Spaghetti was just one of the things that was sampled.


“Greek Zoodle Salad” you can find that recipe at

“Healthy Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Miracle Cookies”





These cookies are healthy, easy, and fast.

Recipe from Averie Cooks. Recipe Permalink:

You can call the UT Extension Office for any assistance needed with recipes 423-663-4777.

Carrots, radishes and onion that grew in the community Garden at SCCC:


Harvest that was shared with SCCC from the Justice Center Community Garden:


Picture of one of  the participants garden:


Next class will be September 6 @ 6:30 At the Winfield Municipal Center  “Putting the Garden to Bed/ Cover Crops.  Hope to see you all there!