Bea Sias, Logan West Virginia

It all started last spring at the Buffalo Creek Memorial Library in Man, WV. The Librarian, Liz, always has a story hour on Wednesday of each week. This one Wednesday, she was weeding her raised beds and putting onions sets in the ground. Naturally, when the children arrived at the library, they had to find out what she was doing. They all wanted to help and get in the dirt, and she showed them what to do.

Children’s Library Raised Bed

So, this spring she asks me could they have some seeds and plants to plant in their beds.  I took them several things to plant. The next week or so, I had another workshop at the library and she told me to go look at the raised beds the children had planted. I was really impressed with their vegetable garden.

I have also some pictures to show how good they are. This is how a lot of people got into gardening by starting young; not by planting a garden because their parents made them. So this is what we are trying to do with these children and other school children.

Also, we had Buffalo Grade School and the Women’s Recovery home in Logan, who are doing very well this year.  A parent volunteered to help the children at the Grade School and before school was out he gave each one that wanted a plant to take home to take care of and eat the product.

The Recovery Home for Ladies in Logan, WV has several raised beds that are really looking good. They do the work themselves in the garden and are anxiously anticipating learning a lot from our 2 or 3 canning and preserving classes we are having in July and August.

I have so many people who want to join our Program, but, I can only take so many.  I believe the people would grow their own food or at least a majority of it, if, they only know how.