Tomatoes and Tobacco Sticks

Hello out there from Ramella Park Community Garden of Eatin’.

These past two weeks we have witnessed such a flourish of growth and green in the garden. Almost all of the beds have been planted in by now, with the exception of those few that waited until the last recorded frost date of May 15th, and they plan on coming out this weekend. Our resident garden guru, Lonnie Bowen, held a gathering this week and passed out some beautiful tomato and pepper plants.


We helped most of our seniors go ahead and plant their tomatoes at this time. While we were planting a gentleman in a red pickup rolled up and said he had just returned from visiting his fathers old farm in Ky. and brought back several tobacco sticks that he wanted to know if we could find use for. So thankfully our garden is now the proud owner of these and they will used for all these beautiful tomatoes! While Maria helped pass out plants and decipher between Brandywine, Be Orange, Indigo Cherry and Cayennes, Kristin went straight to work helping our gardeners to get everything in the proper spot. We had a great rain that evening so we expect everything to turn out nicely. We have had several groups of volunteers in the garden the past three weeks, one from WVU, and Amizade group and a group from Big Laurel Learning Center so we also managed to clear out the beds along the road that hadn’t been used in a while and plant some trees there to finish out the rows. We have a pallet garden area with leaf lettuce that the kids planted this year on earth day and our next project is to do a cornhole board set or a sandpit for horseshoes on the lower end so stay tuned………

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