After a relentless and seemingly never ending winter we have skipped right over spring and are now slugging through the heat of Summer.

Thank goodness for our high tunnel or our gardens would be in jeopardy. Our little valley has recently endured every type of weather in the last month from snow, strong winds, rain, now scorching heat followed by strong storms. Even through all of that our plants in the high tunnel are thriving. The challenge has been when to plant and transplant into the gardens since rain seems to pass through just about everyday.Without the high tunnel our planting season would have been further delayed.

We have a wide variety of plants and seedlings enjoying the warmth and protection of the high tunnel. From lettuces, cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, potatoes,onions and more.

Our latest participant meeting covered season extension and garden planning. So while recently enduring higher than average temperatures we explored the benefits of using a low tunnel to extend the growing season. To protect against the elements and provide heat to plants that thrive in consistently higher temperatures. The use of low tunnels can also extend the season for fall harvests by helping them survive the temperatures dipping back down.

We will be planting in the gardens very soon and all the participants are both excited and anxious.  Although the season has been a little bit delayed that doesn’t change the determination of either the participants or the plants.