By Carli Stuart
Farm Intern at GreenHouse17

As spring finally arrives in Kentucky, the flowers at GreenHouse17 are in full bloom! We have begun filling wholesale florist orders with anemones and ranunculus, and it has us all so excited for the amazing season ahead.

We have also begun seeding and planting several varieties of sunflowers, which is a favorite of several of the residents at GreenHouse17. There have been several days where we have been surprised by the freezing rain and sometimes even snow, but that has not stopped the residents from showing up and planting thousands of seeds as we prepare for the summer.

The summer months kick off our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, where community members can buy shares of the flower farm and receive bouquets throughout the summer as a return.

Learn more about our Weekly Summer Flower CSA at this link and download our Hope Blooms coloring page here.

As my time at GreenHouse17 comes to an end, I will take with me all of the amazing ways this program has impacted the lives of so many survivors across Kentucky.  Allowing survivors the chance to work in the garden brings an unparalleled peace, and I hope that I can continue to have a fraction of the impact for women that I have found through this program.