When I think back over the past few years being involved with Grow Appalachia, this year feels so exciting.  We have selected participants for the 2018 year and are looking forward to teaching, learning, and growing with you all.  This year we have combined all classes and workshops for both the Scott County TN and McCreary County KY participants.  We have about 50 gardeners this year and seven community gardens.  We have a new addition to the community gardens this year, Huntsville Manor Nursing Home.  Scott County also has a new addition that we are looking forward to working with this season, Seth Whitehouse, County Director/Agriculture Agent,  the new UT Extension agent. He specializes in Entomology and beneficial insects.

We started this season off with a full house!  Almost all of the participants were able to make the first meeting.  Cathy Lackey started with “Garden Planning”.  She talked about the importance of plant rotation and the four seasons of growing. She asked participants to then think about the size of garden they wanted to grow and what kind of vegetables they would plant.  She then ask them to draw their garden plan.  Ut Extension Agent, Seth Whitehouse spoke about the  importance of soil samples and how to collect them.  Waynette Harness gave a testimonial about her times as being a participant of Grow Appalachia and what Grow Appalachia has meant to her.  She shared that her daughter had such enthusiasm about the program that she later went to study herbs and became a herbalist.

Scott Christian Care Center received a large donation of seeds.  Most of the seeds were flower seed but there was also a number of vegetable seed.  Participants were able to look and take what they could grow.  It was a “seed giveaway”.

Door prizes were also given. Two garden baskets filled with garden goodies.


I almost forgot to mention the Kale Chips.  Hope everyone enjoyed them and hope that it inspired you to grow some kale!

Next month’s class will be “Basic Gardening” and “Beneficial Insects” with Seth Whitehouse.  We are looking forward to seeing everyone there.  Wonder what kind of insect we might see?