Happy Halloween Grow Appalachia Friends!

The hustle and bustle of summer has finally ended and it seems like we are very close to having our first frost. The Over-the-Rhine People’s Garden has been gifted with many wonderful volunteer days over the past month. The volunteers came and planted our urban green space with many cold crops—veggies that thrive in cold weather. The community beds are full of brussel sprouts, cabbage, kale, lettuce, peas, garlic, onions and radishes. Aren’t you getting hungry?


Rainy days have given us time to save many seeds for next year. One gardener’s favorite flower seed to save is the highly colored Brain Celosia, which belongs to the Amaranth family.

Creating a habitat for our lovely butterflies is something we enjoy. Keeping the garden safe for our precious pollinators is something we love to talk about with all of our garden guests. Would you like to add a butterfly garden into your yard?  For our friends who said yes, be sure to choose a sunny place with a bit of shade and little wind, plant close and plant flowers high in pollen and nectar like sunflowers or the monarch’s favorite, milkweed.

It’s hard to believe we have finished out another fun summer growing food and flowers. Thank you for following our Cincinnati story and we hope to be back next year.

Peace, Love and Garden Onward Friends!