October is fleeting and we’re sliding into November, yet the garden is still going strong!  We’ve planted our fall gardens with kale, turnips, rape, spinach, collard, cabbage, and peas. The jalapeños are still producing a few stray peppers and the cabbages haven’t quite filled out yet, but they’re coming along.  The greens and cabbages love this cooler weather and most of us don’t mind getting out in the garden right now either.

Our harvest report numbers are soaring & I’m so proud of our members for trying new things (like these peas!!) in their fall gardens.  They’re really proud of their results too.  We’re getting our soil testing done so that we can amend the soil now & hit the ground running come spring which is February for us early pea planters.  Lime is down for those who needed it. New patches are being tilled for our more excited gardeners and people can’t wait for January when the seed catalogs start coming in & they can begin dreaming again. They say that Christmas is a magical time of the year, but for a gardener, it’s January.  We can dream now, but in January, we can start planning next years beds & crops.


We’re looking forward to partnering with so many different and wonderful people groups next year.  High school kids, young families, seasoned second year families and Senior Citizens with some mentoring along the way.  What better way to get kids excited about gardening than to pair them up with some seasoned gardeners that can show them the ropes and everyone enjoys digging into the soil in the early spring. We’re hoping to foster excitement in a new generation of gardeners and continue the legacy. Till next year~ Yes, get to tilling!!