As we round the corner into the final months of this Grow Appalachia year, we’d like to take a moment to look back on the journey of the growing season.  Check out these snapshots from Melodie and her partner John, one of our family gardens, and their beautiful garden’s progress and produce!


Freshly tilled and ready for planting!


Are those the beginnings of broccoli plants we see?


Everything is looking healthy, green, and strong!


Even the flooding of spring can’t stop this garden from growing!


Vibrant harvest of onions, cabbages, peppers, and celery (Celery in West Virginia?  Who knew!).


The tomatoes and peppers just keep rollin’ in!


Hard to beat steamed broccoli straight from the garden…


…but this just might!  Peppers, onions, and squash hot off the grill.


How many carrots could a cook can if a cook could can carrots? (Hint: lots)


Pickles, tomato juice, salsa, spaghetti sauce, jalapenos, peppers, and relish, oh my!

And that’s not all!  After visiting Melodie and John’s garden yesterday, we learned that they still have plenty of tomatoes and peppers on the vine that will be making their way into their delicious canned salsas and hot sauces in the coming weeks — if they don’t run out of room in their cupboards first! 🙂

Hats off to Melodie and John for their hard work, dedication, and wonderful photo documentation this year!  It’s been such a joy to be a part of it!