Scott Christian Care Center added more raised beds to the gardens out back.  Including some hay bale gardening with some eggplant.  We noticed that the eggplant that was in the hay bale was not getting ate up with the flea beetles.  The eggplant that was planted on the raised bed was getting eaten by the beetles.

The gardens have provided families that use the food pantry services with fresh vegetables.

Scott Christian Care Center received a donation of seeds.  The varities of seeds were great.  We were given herbs, flowers, vegetables and fruit seeds. Some of the flowers were grown in the little greenhouse experiment and some of these were given to the participants to add to their gardens.  I have noticed the attraction that the bees and the butterflies have to them.  Strawberries and flowers have been added along with some inoculated mushroom logs.

One of our gardeners already harvested some mushrooms and recently seen a small one growing on one of her logs that she inoculated in the “Mushroom Workshop” that was held this year.

Another gardener grew some of the zinnias from seed that SCCC had received as a donation.  Her two grandsons helped harvest them and the sweet little fellers took them to the Nursing home to share with some of the elderly patients.


This is some of the harvest from this week.

This is harvest shared from the Justice Center Community Garden today.