It’s been a notably cool August here in Pocahontas County, helping us remember that although summer is still on the mind, fall is just around the corner!  The gardens still need lots of weeding, harvesting, and loving, but it’s around this time that we begin looking ahead and planning for colder days.  And what better way to bring together the best of both worlds than with a heart-healthy salsa canning workshop using goodies fresh from all of our gardens?  


The High Rocks kitchen was full up with chopping, chatting, and chowing down as High Rocks’ own Janet Swift taught us how to not only make deliciously fresh garden salsa, but also how to can it so that it can be enjoyed long after the summer suns have gone!  Check out some pics from the afternoon and maybe even try your hand at the recipe we used — we definitely loved the yummy results!

Janet’s Salsa Recipe + Canning Tips