This year in the garden program we did a lot of new stuff. We had a lot on are plate but we made it threw it we got it all done. We have picked a lot of stuff we had lots of help close to the end of the program. We had our niece My’kole and our cousin Titi they love it here the love picking from the garden. My’kole loves the jalapeno peppers she eats them like there not even hot. Titi love tomatoes she love picking them when there just right for her to eat.

Our garden has a lot of new stuff we added to it we have more than just plants we have chickens, rabbits, and meat chickens, goats and sheep. The rabbits belong to my sister, Courtney. The meat chickens are both of ours, the laying chickens are mine, and the goats and sheep are my sisters too.

My sister got in to the rabbit though Kentucky State University with Mr. Steve Skelton she has over 30 rabbit. She learned a lot of stuff like did you know that they can have babies ever 28 to 30 days.

Courtney and I got in to the meat chicken though Kentucky state university too. We processed for the first time it was crazy and kind of gross but we had fun. We have right now about 95 meat chicken we are going to process them hopefully when our new kitchen opens.

The goats and sheep we have had about a year. Our niece My’Kole wanted to ride one so we caught one for her but the she chickened out and didn’t ride. But we had fun chasing the goats and sheep though. They will let u pet them if you feed them out of your hand.








The chickens are mine. I think the chicken are the best, well because they are my favorite animal and are really good to have because you get eggs from then. Eggs in the store are priced are outrageous.

So that is what I have been doing at the lcaahc garden program this year….


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Constance Parker