Hey everyone, this is Wesley the intern here at Wise County Extension. This is the final week of my internship here, so I thought I would take the time to post some of the best pictures I have taken with the gardeners during my time here.

Katie’s Garden;

This is a picture of Katie’s garden from one of my first garden visits,

and here is a picture that I took on a follow up visit last week!









Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get fantastic before and after shots like this from all of the gardeners, but I think the progress Katie has had is amazing. Katie was the first gardener that I met with on my own, as well as the subject of my first post, but I have to say even after seeing most of the other gardens in the program hers still stands out in my mind.

Lea Ann, and Ron’s Garden;

I was also impressed by Lea Ann and her husband Ron’s garden. Their property was fairly small, but I was impressed by the amount of productivity they had.

These are the two beds planted in their front yard,

here is what they had planted out back,

and here is a close up of their bees!


Iva’s Garden;

Iva is the gardener I have met with most recently, and I have to say that her garden is massive. I don’t know how she and her husband are able to keep up with it all. When I met with her she told me that she had 73 tomato plants alone, along with corn, peppers, potatoes, kale and cabbage. I think Iva will prove to be one of our largest producers and I can’t wait to hear how well it has done!


Iva’s garden from the front,

a view of her garden from the back.









Iva’s pest management solution