Bea Sias, Logan Grow Appalachia

I am sitting at Man Library waiting for my gardeners to come to our workshop, so we can find out what’s happening with their gardens and how the weather is affecting their crops.

In the next large room of the Library the Librarian, Liz Tackett, was having Story hour to about 25 of the cutest babies, 2, 3, 4 year old children.  She read and they listened, then it was time for snacks.  The snacks she gave were Healthy, in fact, Juice was there for them to drink.

I took some pictures of these children, and as I looked at them, I thought do they or will they ever know where French Fries come from. The reason I say this, is because a teacher was talking to me one day and she ask her class, “Where do French Fries come from?” and they all said “McDonald’s” or another fast food place.

I always give the schools, grade K through 7 Plants, seeds or whatever I have they can use if they school has raised beds.   They love getting the seeds or plants in the ground and watch them grow, especially the cherry tomato plant.

Children at the Man Library

In my opinion most of these children do not even know what a garden is, unless the grandparents have one and they explain what a garden is. I believe fast food is the reason for overweight children and adults (me included).  When I was growing into adulthood children and the garden had to be weeded, Hoed, or plants needed to be tied up, we knew how to do  it.

No one heard of High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, or any other things we have now, that requires medicine every day.  Our parents and the families were active, and we ate the right food. I see parents going into schools now with a fast food bag for lunch for their child or children. Parents needs to be educated on teaching their children and themselves about vegetables instead of fast food.

In conclusion, grown garden vegetables would provide a healthy society.  Fast foods should be a reward instead of a life style.