As the rain brings life to the Earth and the plants begin to thrive–to blossom, to produce–our hearts are content and filled with an overwhelming emotion of joy. Our little seeds have made it! They have began to give to us and we are awaiting the harvest.

Just when we begin to feel like all of our plants are doing so well and our garden is bursting with life, we take notice that the our tomato plants aren’t as tall as the were the day before because the tops have been eaten off! Your pepper plants become MIA..your sweet potato vines get topped off and if you are lucky your cabbage and broccoli plants are still there! We all know who the culprit is…DEER–our gardens worst enemy. They are such loving and gentle creatures, but when you find your garden in disarray you may not feel so loving or gentle towards them. I think its safe to say, we have all been there.

My garden is fenceless, so I have had to come up with other solutions. You may have heard that putting human hair in the garden can deter deer and this may be true. However, I do not have too much of my own hair to donate to my garden. But I do have dogs! They are really hairy and I am sure they would love to donate their hair to the garden! So, after cutting their hair or even just brushing them I would take the hair up to the garden and sprinkle it around the border.

My tomato plants have lived to see another month and their tops have grown back. My sweet potato vines are weaving themselves all over the place and my broccoli and cabbage have survived! All in all, it is safe to say that hair, especially dog hair, really does deter deer.

I’m going to close by saying: I really wish that deer enjoyed weeds as much as they do our delicious crop!

Grow On! 🙂