I guess you know it’s June when the beans hit the top of the bean netting, you’ve found a couple young beans to eat in the field, the corn hits your knees, the tomatoes start ripening, you get to eat cukes, summer squash and berries and the spring crops are done.  Also it rains and the weeds grow at hyper speed.  And your in heaven with it all!  We’ve officially stopped planting now for the summer as we’ve got all our sweet potatoes and winter squash and pumpkins in the ground now.  By the time this goes to press our first group will have taken the canning college class.  We are harvesting potatoes, garlic, onions, cucumbers, summer squash, beans, wine berries and blackberries.  For the first time this year all the types of garlic have thrived and are big and beautiful.  I think maybe because of a little warmer winter and enough rains from November to June.

High tunnel tomatoes.

Sweet potato bed before the deer netting is over it.

Yummy Garlic!

Pollinator Garden

Jackie and Smokey scuffle hoeing their adopted bean rows.  The garden behind them is the newly planted Winter Squash and Pumpkin garden.  They just love the scuffle hoes and how much energy they save them.

Kelly happy with her carrot.

Parents decorating t-shirts for their new baby at the baby shower we had for them.

Zella and her amazing Kohlrabi.

Another member was thankful for our introducing her to another delicious vegetable.  She thought kohlrabi was like a delicious combination of potato, cabbage and apple all in one.  She made a coleslaw like salad with it.

I’ve just got to say in closing that the combination of growing food together to feed us all and the wonderful family like community we have is so so very special.  Thanks to all our gardeners, Grow Appalachia and LMU for this wonderful community garden.