This is Chad Webb, Maria’s Community Agriculture VISTA and Williamson native. We’ve had a pretty verdant Late Spring/Early Summer around these parts. The mild winter meant our growers could get seeds and transplants in the ground as early as possible. Combined with the sweltering heat of the past few weeks, this has led to the beautiful, flourishing tomato crop you see above.

As always, we’ve been using our gardens to facilitate lots of volunteering opportunities. Amizade brought in a group of volunteers from the Disque Foundation who helped us host a garden maintenance workshop for local growers.  We covered the proper use of trellis, the advantages of using the pesticide Spinosad, and why you should use hay as mulch.  Our growers from the Ramella Park Community Garden gained a lot from the workshop and everyone’s plots are looking FANTASTIC.

We can’t wait for the first big harvest of the year to hit the Farmers Market, local restaurants, and local family dinner tables.  Customers rave about the superior quality and taste that these local products provide and we couldn’t be prouder of the work our growers do.