It’s June, so there’s always something to do in Over-the-Rhine People’s Garden (OTRPG).  We have been busy planting food, pulling weeds and watering, so here are a few photo updates to show you what we’ve been up to this month:)

Neighborhood teamwork at play in our city’s urban food garden!  OTPRG gardener, Sara, created a fun and oh so needed  volunteer day to kick start the month. The group accomplished so much like  cutting the grass, moving the rest of the wood chips to the pathways, and tending to all the planted beds.  They are coming back in July, and we can’t wait to see what they will do next.  Thanks again, Sara and friends!



Enjoy the summer sunshine while learning how to grow and cook local food. Each Tuesday from 2:00 – 4:00, we will explore a different part of the plant life cycle and share a snack prepared from the garden!

Community Garden Coordinator, Christina, and her husband Jeff, planted their very first market flower garden! They planted a variety of cutting flowers like Zinnias, Sunflowers and Cosmos. A few of their goals include selling these flowers wholesale to a local florists in the OTR neighborhood as well as providing fresh flowers to a few restaurants close to OTRPG later this summer. Stay tuned to this blog and to continue to follow their flower journey 🙂

So much fruit is ripening in the garden! The fruit pictured on the right is called a Gooseberry and you won’t find these in your grocery produce area. Filled with vitamins and fiber this berry won’t go to waste as all of the gardeners are keeping their eyes on our gooseberry bushes.


Not sure what to do with all the kale and zucchini? Try adding it to a healthy vegetarian pasta dish. Community Garden Coordinator, Christina, made a delicious butternut squash ravioli dinner dish and added  a whole zucchini and a big handful of kale to the light sauce before serving.


The beautiful pink Hollyhocks have been fun place  to take a photo with this month. They grew so tall!

Garden Interns and employees from the Civic Garden Center of Greater Cincinnati came by and tackled the compost bins for us. They got them all sorted and organized. Thanks to their hard work we now have lots of free compost (gardeners’ gold) to help our plants grow big and strong this summer. Thank you Civic Garden Center of Cincinnati!


A new cabbage patch designed and planted by an awesome 4th grader and her 1st grade sister who live near the garden. They hope to make the garden their food playground this summer while on break from St. Francis Seraph School.  Thanks girls, it looks great!

June went by quickly but we had fun and made many new friends. Be sure to come back next month to share this garden adventure with us!