Liz Kammeyer, High Rocks AmeriCorps Member, Hillsboro, WV

School is out, and so are the garden helpers!

We all love tending to the garden.  There’s something undeniably therapeutic about having your hands in the earth, nurturing the very beings that will, in turn, nurture you.  But let’s face it, it’s not always a breeze maintaining your beloved ward – especially when it’s nearing 90 degrees and there is no breeze.  In moments like these, it can be hard to tap into that motivation you felt so strongly back in January when you were mapping out your dream harvest from the comfort of your kitchen table.

These are also the moments in which we realize just how grateful we are for even a little extra help; it’s amazing how much good one extra set of helping hands in the garden can bring.  Sure, the weeding gets done twice as quickly, but it also makes room for that initial joy and enthusiasm to creep back into the task.  It’s no longer a fruitless labor, but a labor of love, shared with someone you love!

So we would like to take a moment to recognize all of the helping hands that we see in our gardens, whether they be kiddos, volunteers, or furry friends!

Little Miss Eowyn helps her parents punch holes in drip tape that will nourish their garden all season long (and looks quite fashionable while doing so!).

Her little brother helps too.

You don’t have to have opposable thumbs to be a helpful presence in the garden!

P.S.  Don’t forget to show your helpers some love; maybe treat them to a little something from the garden they worked so hard in!