Wayne & Courtney mulching bales of straw!

 Courtney learning to use straw blower!

The tomatoes in the high-tunnel are well underway of mass producing a vivid, hearty, tasty red fruit! Yes we call them tomatoes. We like to eat them fresh off the vine with a good ole salt shaker in hand. Their is nothing like a juicy red  tomato on a hot summer day, with a dash of salt and a cold beverage. It is not out of the ordinary to come up the hill to our Community Garden Location in London, KY and be offered a locally, organic grown tasty tomato. Yes we will ask if you want some salt with it.

Courtney using the straw blower all by herself!

This High-Tunnel has 200+ Tomatoes planted in it!

WOW! Need I say more? That is a lot of tomatoes. The possibilities are endless. There will be lots of canning going on around here in a couple months. Juice making, salsa making, tomatoes whole, quartered, and diced for the winter season. We may even try our hand at dehydrating some? What else can we do with them, we will see. An abundance for the market, and still plenty for eating. This is not to mention what we have out in the field. The heirloom tomatoes are out there.

As you can see they have tiny green tomatoes already coming on. We have weeded, pruned, and have two -to- three strands of the Florida Weave started. After today we shouldn’t have to do a whole lot of weeding. YAY! With the straw mulching system we are using, the weeds have to be very strong to push there way through. Thank You Courtney & Constance Parker for all your hard work the past couple day with the tomato’s. We really appreciate All your help.

If you are in our area, and have a hankering for a good ole juicy red tomato. Stop on by and see for yourself what all we are doing and growing on the hillside inside the city limits of London, KY.