Hard working tomato planters Beth and Ruth.

More tomato planting.

Fun during tomato planting.

Family bonding during cucumber planting.

Donna proud of her radish.

Karen pulling bean netting down the row.

Smokey and Bill stringing top wire to help hold up bean netting.

Bean net raising party.

Tying bean netting to t-posts and wire.

A group readying pots to plant bush beans in.

Another pic of the bean pot pot crew.

Gotta love this generational group effort working on the bean pots.

May is such a very busy time. Everything is in except sweet potatoes, squash family and hopefully a row of flowers. We are in the middle of several days of rain so now the weeds will go ballistic. Sigh! Our plant sale netted us a little over $600. Possibly the 1st weekend of hot 90’s and the next weekend of monsoons kept more people from coming out and buying our plants. Our high tunnel tomatoes have little tomatoes. Yeah!!! We’ve had our 1st lesson doing the Tennessee weave (Florida Weave) to keep our tomatoes standing tall and proper tomato pruning. We’ve enjoyed bags of lettuce, many delicious spears of asparagus and lots of radishes. We had a lovely baby shower for one of our members having her first baby. We helped an older member plant his home garden. We continue to face the challenge of not having water. That makes us all the more grateful for the rain. It’s always amazing to see how fast things take off after a thunderstorm. The most amazing thing in that category this year is the okra. This is the first year we got a good rain after planting it and up it popped. We’ve had lots of fun gardening together and getting to know each other better. A Joyeous June to everyone! Sue