The Community Food Initiatives’ Nelsonville Community Garden struggled through two historical level floods in early spring, but we were determined to forge ahead in our garden improvements as the water table returned to normalcy. Though rain has continued, thankfully at a kinder pace, good fortune showered down in the form of volunteers to build a fence, and an AmeriCorps service team at Hocking College that pledged to maintain the Donation Station Garden plot! The earlier floods and nearly washed away a pallet of organic coconut core belonging to the land owner. He donated it to us to help improve our soil. The volunteers had a blast, even with storm clouds overhead, getting their hands dirty and making our largest community garden better than ever. Thanks to the Donation Station garden plots, purchases and donations at the Athens Farmers Market and Chesterhill Produce Auction, we’ve distributed 12,358 pounds of local food to feed those in need in Southeast Ohio so far this year!