You’ve been hearing from us at the High Rocks lodge in Hillsboro, WV for the past several months; this month we handed it off to one of our Grow Appalachia participants to share her recipe for a baby greens salad she makes straight from her garden!  Here’s what Blair has to say about her salad-making experience:


Grow Appalachia helped me get my seeds in the ground early this year. Their organizational skills helped me organize my planting. Because of them, I am now eating fresh arugula and baby kale mix! These greens are so tasty that you can enjoy them naked or dressed. I live nakedness but the dressing I’m about to tell you how to make is a.mazing.


Take a look at my rows and how I cut these tasty greens for a salad!

Blair's greens, ready for cutting!

Blair’s greens, ready for cutting!

Blair Campbell Cutting Greens

Snip snip! Make your cut near the base and you can look forward to another cutting in the near future!


What you’ll need to make a delicious, healthy, and quick dressing:


1 cup oil any kind

1/4 cup vinegar. (I prefer apple cider with the mother of course)

2 tsp Dijon mustard

1 Tbsp honey

Juice of half lemon

Salt and pepper to taste


Toss your greens in this mixture for a tasty summer treat. Super easy and delicious. The kids love to help snip the greens and are more likely to have some when they help grow and plant their own vegetables.


For a poppy seed dressing, add 1tsp poppy seed and sub yogurt for the Dijon. Add pecans and diced apples for a great meal salad.  I also like to buy deli chicken salad and put it on a bed of these greens.


I love arugula so much and am forever grateful to Grow Appalachia for helping me get motivated to get it in the ground!