20170430_203118She is a beauty!

The Mountain Pride is only one of the varieties we grow. She will give you a very round, bright red, & tasty tomato that has a longer shelf life than many of the other mountain varieties. Our plan with this young lady is to prune her properly, keep her up off the ground using the Florida Weave method staking our tomatoes of and watch her grow and give us an abundance of produce. With nearly 200 of her and her sister the Mountain Fresh Variety. We should have nothing but more tomatoes than we will know what to do with. That means lots and lots of canning. We hope to make tomato juice, whole and sliced tomatoes, salsa, and any other tomato ideas we might come up with. If you want to make suggestions we would greatly appreciate them.

Yes we also plan on selling as many of these beautiful girls as we can. If you or anyone you know would be interested in buying a bushel or 3 we will gladly provide you with them. You can contact us via facebook, e-mail, or phone.

20170430_201417These two young ladies worked really hard Sunday afternoon to help get them planted, they perfected each row with a straight line with the help of our GA coordinator Wayne Riley, dug each individual hole and fertilized, watered and counted as they went along each row. We are saying prayers that this cold spell wont do any damage, but on the upside that’s what the tunnels are supposed to do is protect against this unpredictable weather we have here in Kentucky. So we think we are good, no worries.

20170430_203027This is our final peek there is 5 rows with approximately 40 plants per row. It looks amazing this pick does not show the beauty of this tunnel at all. We will hope for clearer pics in the future, and keep you updated as the grow.

Talk to you all again soon!

Happy Gardening!