It is an exciting and busy month for Alderson this April. To prepare for our Grow Appalachia booth at the Alderson Farmers Market we have been working on our hands-on community garden plot! The hope for our community plot is to use the vegetables produced to sell at the farmers market for site generated revenue, as well as a place for our workshops to be hosted where our farmers and the Alderson public can have hands-on practice in organic gardening practices. So far we have planned to plant tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, sugar snap peas, beets, radishes, and summer squash at the community plot and eventually sell to the Alderson community.

Sunday, May 14th (Mothers day!!!) is when the Alderson market begins and we cannot wait to host the Grow Appalachia booth. Our booth will not only be selling the produce from our community plot and the seedlings our group started but also any produce our Grow Appalachia participants would like to sell from their own gardens! Also starting in May all the seeds that were started at the USDA Plants and Materials Center will be sold at the Alderson Green Grocer for additional site generated revenue. After several visits the starts are finally ready to sell and looking amazing.

They will definitely be a hit at the farmers market and at the grocer! image (7)image (9)image (8)