Greetings from East TN!  April was an extremely rainy month this year, but we did manage to catch a few drier days and got our participants’ gardens tilled up.  Everyone is chomping at the bit to get their plants and seeds in the ground.  Our average last frost date here is April 15, and with forecasts showing only warm temps, it looks like we are in the safe zone for summer crops!



Photo credit: Mary Beth Wooten, Backyard Gardener And her caption: “This is D-E-V-O-T-I-O-N to the cause. Thank you Taylor for tilling our garden today… And identifying our trees… And for the berry info… You’re just so darn handy and informative. You’re the best.”


One of the things that our participants asked for last year was more regular communication about what to plant.  This year, we decided to start writing a weekly newsletter with just these very updates.  It includes a list of crops that can be direct sowed and transplanted each week, a list of seeds that can be started indoors, and timely garden tasks, advice and fun projects.  The planting information is geared toward USDA Zone 6b/7a.


newsletter screenshot

A sneak peak at Lexy’s weekly gardening newsletter! Email her to sign up if you are interested!


It’s supposed to come out every Sunday, and it’s definitely been sent at least by Tuesday each week 🙂  You can check out this week’s edition and read past week’s by clicking here.  If you think it’s useful advice for your participants, you are welcome to have them sign up by filling out this short form.  Grow Appalachia programs have our permission to take and modify the email to fit your growing zone a bit better, if you are lower or higher than we are in East TN.  
We are hoping that by sharing, we can help our beginning gardeners stay on track with planting and succession sowing this year!