Garden 2

Here at First Baptist Corbin, we are gearing up for our first crops of the season to reach maturity, and our 2017 harvest team members are excited to begin their work. As our garden now features 24 raised beds—a 100% increase since last year’s inaugural season—we still have 15 more beds to plant. Over the course of the next two weeks, we’ll be planting 9 of those 15.

The model for our garden ministry is CSA-based; however, shares are secured through partner participation versus financial exchange. To that end, we’ve been working since early January to secure 15 partner families to work with us in the garden and, in return, to receive a box of delicious vegetables each week. Our aim is to have all 15 families in place by the time our first crops reach maturity, and we’re getting close.


Garden 3

Meanwhile, we’ve added a new feature to our garden this year: a little free library. This new library is rooted in our desire for people in our community to see our garden as a resting place and as a place for reflection and meditation. Thus, people utilizing the Corbin creek walk (which demarcates the edge of our garden) are invited either to take a book or leave a book, and are further invited to bring a book into our garden and rest at a table as they read.

Garden 1

As these pictures illustrate, the Mustard Seed Garden at First Baptist Church is coming alive for this 2017 growing season, and we are excited about the various ways its produce will benefit families in our local community!