Happy Earth Day Grow Appalachia Friends!

Over-the-Rhine People’s Garden (OTRPG) gardeners have been as busy as bumble bees buzzing around beautiful garden blooms. We have so much good news to share with you!


This coming Friday (4/28/17), the OTRPG is hosting is the exciting Green Garden Event! The garden will be filled with lots of wonderful people who will be doing things like: installing new beautiful picnic tables and trash bins, installing bee baths, painting, planting, tilling, and so much more! This wonderful event is made possible by generous donations from Kroger who has partnered with Garnier and TerraCycle. In fact, the picnic tables and trash receptacles that are being installed were created from the waste collected by Garnier’s Beauty Recycling Program! Amazing right? Rain or shine, Friday is sure to be a big success. **Photos and updates from this event will be featured in next month’s blog coming out on May 25th.**
Above is a collection of photos showing off some of the shipment we have already received for Friday’s event along with two of our favorite gardeners, Jeff and Greg. They have been busy getting the garden ready for everyone.

One of the ways Garden Coordinator Christina stays busy is by teaching Health & Wellness classes to the 2nd Graders at St. Francis Seraph School in OTR. Starting seeds, and caring for the new sprouts was the focus in March. In April, we have been learning how to thin out the seedlings, and why we must harden-off the seedlings before we transplant them into the OTR People’s Garden. Their very first field trip to the OTRPG is just a few days away and they are all very excited. The plan is to plant, to learn and to have FUN!

Chelsy, a new volunteer at the OTRPG, wanted to come out to learn how to grow food and meet some new friends. A few Saturdays ago she learned how to plant Spinach, Beets, Sugar Snap Peas, and Lettuce. She did an amazing job and everything she planted is sprouting! Thanks again Chelsy and we hope to see you in the garden again soon. 🙂

During April we also took the time to repaint all of the garden signs that hang around the OTRPG to spruce up the place. The plan is to re-hang them around the garden this Friday during our special garden event. The OTRPG would like to give a shout out and special thank you to our great garden friend, Laura, who painted a few signs for us while vacationing last week with Christina. Oh, and the cute pup is Christina’s. 🙂

Not sure what to do with all the asparagus popping up? Try dicing it up raw and using it as a healthy garnish the next time you make tacos. YUMMY!

That’s all for now! Come back again May 25th for more updates and thanks again for all the support.

PEACE- Over-the-Rhine People’s Garden