-Bea Sias
-Logan County Grow Appalachia

Our Workshops are moving right along. The way we have planned vegetables in our discussions during the garden Workshops should be producing quite well. We are getting anxious to get started but the weather won’t let us get our hands dirty.

But in reality, some have a few things planted, like, Potatoes, Onions, Lettuce, things that cold weather will not harm them. We are still having frost, not heavy, but lots of rain. Yes, we are due snow this weekend and more rain. So, I told both groups of workshops to let the snow come and leave, and pray that it only rains enough in the summer to help our gardens. This I know we have no control over.

Bea Sias working on Gardeners' files.

Bea Sias working on Gardeners’ files.

Some have been fortunate to get their ground tilled and treated, but others that work are waiting for the ground to dry so they can get their garden tilled. Eventually, it will happen.

I was really surprised when our workshops on Planting the garden was so interesting. Our new gardeners had researched different ways to stake vegetables, how to use the Florida Weave for Tomatoes. They said it seemed the wind would not blow over the Tomatoes and they were more secure. I have to say I was glad they are that interested enough to do some research and learn more than I can teach them.

When we gave out Potatoes, Fertilizer, and onions they were thrilled. They knew it was time to garden. My gardeners compete against each other. They always want to know who had the most produce to report. I told someone it was like Christmas.

Plants that we will be giving to the gardeners.

Plants that we will be giving to the gardeners.

I have given out a few seeds, because, several start their seeds in cups, pots, or different things to get a head start on the growing.

Most of the gardeners have large lots or Plots to garden with, some use raised bed, and some of them plant anywhere they can in their yards.