Seed Swap


April is here and the rain showers have arrived. We are trying to get things planted and it is becoming a challenge with all the mud here in London, KY. We hope that this year is a good gardening season. We have been collecting seeds for a few years now, so we feel like it is time for us to get our feet wet and have our first ever seed swap here at the Laurel County African American Heritage Center. Our different varieties of green beans is by far our largest collection. Although we will have many other kinds of seeds the green beans will be our biggest supply. We have gardeners that have been saving as well, they will be participating in the seed swap. Actually the seed swap idea came from a young man in our Grow Appalachia garden program. Trevor Minton is 18 years old, he comes from a rather large family of 2 brothers, 2 sisters, mom and dad, along with cousins that live in the household. There are 12 people that live in the home. Needless to say they depend on their garden to feed a family of this size. They are very sweet and helpful to our program. The Mom, Evangeline is going to teach me how to can some things that I have not attempted before, I’m Excited! We get excited when young people in our community want to participate in gardening. Gardening Is a dying tradition here in laurel County. It gives us hope when the young people step up and give us an idea to bring people in and remind them that we need to bring gardening back as a way of life. So with the help of Evangeline and Trevor Minton, Courtney and Constance Parker we are hosting a seed swap here at the Laurel County African American Heritage Center this Saturday, April 8th. 2017.  12 noon till 4 pm. If you are free and can please come on down to London, KY and join us.

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